Deep Lake can be installed with pip

pip install deeplake

Deep Lake has the following extras that you can choose to install according to your needs.

Installation commands

Install command


Dependencies installed

pip install "deeplake[av]"

Audio and video support via PyAV


pip install "deeplake[visualizer]"

Visualize Deep Lake datasets within notebooks. This is required for Dataset.visualize to work.

IPython, flask

pip install "deeplake[gcp]"

GCS support

google-cloud-storage, google-auth, google-auth-oauthlib

pip install "deeplake[azure]"

Azure Blob Storage support

azure-storage-blob, azure-cli, azure-identity

pip install "deeplake[medical]"

DICOM and NIfTI data support

pydicom, nibabel

pip install "deeplake[gdrive]"

Google Drive support

google-api-python-client, oauth2client, google-auth, google-auth-oauthlib

pip install "deeplake[point_cloud]"

Support for LiDAR point cloud data


pip install "deeplake[all]"

Installs all of the above