class deeplake.core.sample.Sample
__init__(path: str | None = None, array: ndarray | None = None, buffer: bytes | memoryview | None = None, compression: str | None = None, verify: bool = False, shape: Tuple[int] | None = None, dtype: str | None = None, creds: Dict | None = None, storage: StorageProvider | None = None)

Represents a single sample for a tensor. Provides all important meta information in one place.


If self.is_lazy is True, this Sample doesn’t actually have any data loaded. To read this data, simply try to read it into a numpy array (sample.array)

  • path (str) – Path to a sample stored on the local file system that represents a single sample. If path is provided, array should not be. Implicitly makes self.is_lazy == True.

  • array (np.ndarray) – Array that represents a single sample. If array is provided, path should not be. Implicitly makes self.is_lazy == False.

  • buffer – (bytes): Byte buffer that represents a single sample. If compressed, compression argument should be provided.

  • compression (str) – Specify in case of byte buffer.

  • verify (bool) – If a path is provided, verifies the sample if True.

  • shape (Tuple[int]) – Shape of the sample.

  • dtype (optional, str) – Data type of the sample.

  • creds (optional, Dict) – Credentials for s3, gcp and http urls.

  • storage (optional, StorageProvider) – Storage provider.


ValueError – Cannot create a sample from both a path and array.

property array: ndarray

Return numpy array corresponding to the sample. Decompresses the sample if necessary.


>>> sample ="./images/dog.jpg")
>>> arr = sample.array
>>> arr.shape
(323, 480, 3)
compressed_bytes(compression: str | None) bytes

Returns this sample as compressed bytes.


If this sample is pointing to a path and the requested compression is the same as it’s stored in, the data is returned without re-compressing.


compression (Optional[str]) – self.array will be compressed into this format. If compression is None, return uncompressed_bytes().


Bytes for the compressed sample. Contains all metadata required to decompress within these bytes.

Return type:



ValueError – On recompression of unsupported formats.

uncompressed_bytes() bytes | None

Returns uncompressed bytes.